61C-4.016. Temporary Food Service Events  

Effective on Wednesday, September 25, 1996
  • 1(1) Public food service establishments or food vendors at temporary food service events shall comply with all applicable sanitary requirements of this rule chapter and Rule 2761C-1.004, 28F.A.C., unless otherwise provided in this section.

    35(2) Facilities.

    37(a) Specific requirements for the physical facility where the food service activity is to be conducted shall be based on the type food that is to be prepared or served, the length of the event, and the extent of food preparation that is to be conducted at the temporary facility.

    87(b) Overhead protection shall be provided at all food service operations when food is prepared or portioned on premises.

    106(c) When potentially hazardous food is prepared at temporary food service events of 4-30 days in length, the physical structure where the food preparation occurs shall be protected from the entrance of flying insects and other vermin.

    143(3) When all necessary washing and sanitizing of utensils and equipment are conducted at an approved commissary or food service establishment, a utensil washing sink will not be required, except that, an adequate supply of spare preparation and serving utensils are maintained in the establishment and used to replace those that become soiled.

    196(4) All food service operations which prepare food on premises shall provide an adequate supply of potable water for cleaning and employee handwashing. An adequate supply may be provided in clean portable containers equipped with on/off valves. Soap and single-service towels shall be available for handwashing and hand drying.

    245Specific Authority 247509.032(2)(d), 248(6) FS. Law Implemented 252509.032(2)(d), 253(3)(c), 254509.221 FS. 256History–New 1-1-77, Amended 1-6-81, Formerly 10D-13.29, Amended 2-21-91, Formerly 10D-13.029, 7C-4.016, Amended 3-31-94, 9-25-96.


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