61D-11.012. Duties of Cardroom Operators  

Effective on Tuesday, January 2, 2018
  • 1(1) Cardroom operators shall maintain a roster of all cardroom employees. 12A cardroom operator shall also maintain a weekly listing of all cardroom employees who worked during each week. The list of persons shall include for each employee:

    39(a) The job title;

    43(b) Full name; and,

    47(c) Occupational license number.

    51(2) Cardroom operators shall maintain a log for three years of persons whose employment with the cardroom operator has been terminated, or the employee resigned, or abandoned his or her position, that includes:

    84(a) Full name;

    87(b) Occupational license number; and,

    92(c) A description of the reason for the employee’s separation.

    102(3) The cardroom operator shall notify the division, office of operations, of any change in companies providing services that require licensure within 10 days of such change on Form DBPR PMW-3220, List of Cardroom Business Occupational Licensees Providing Products and Services to a Cardroom, 146effective 7-21-14, incorporated herein by reference, 152https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-04402, 154which can be obtained at www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/pmw, or by contacting the 164Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering at 2601 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1035176.

    177(4) 178Days and hours of cardroom operation shall be those set forth in the application or renewal of the cardroom operator’s license, or in the notice of change in the cardroom operator’s hours of operation as required in subsection (5), below.

    218(5) A cardroom operator shall submit proposed changes to the days and hours of cardroom operation to the division in writing prior to proposed implementation;

    243(6) Cardroom operators shall maintain a cardroom floor plan that shall:

    254(a) Show the placement or location of the following:

    2631. Each cardroom table and its corresponding number,

    2712. All camera locations and their assigned numbers,

    2793. Cashiers’ cage(s) and/or vault, count room, and podiums, or other areas for use of cardroom transactions,

    2964. The surveillance room; and,

    3015. The designated cardroom employee break area that limits opportunity for dealer and player personal interaction.

    317(b) Be maintained in the surveillance room;

    324(c) Be based on a readable scale, or specific to the requirements in Rule 33861D-14.050(2), 339F.A.C., if the cardroom operator also offers slot machine gaming and the floor plans for both gaming types are combined;

    359(d) Be submitted to the division for approval any time there are changes to the floor plan, including, but not limited to:

    3811. Movement, number, or dimensions of tables,

    3882. Movement of cameras, or

    3933. Movement of any podiums on the gaming floor.

    402(7) A cardroom operator must display 408separate signage throughout the designated cardroom gaming area providing notice of 419the following:

    421(a) 422The minimum age to play required by Section 430849.086(12)(b), F.S.

    432(b) The hours of operation;

    437(c) No side betting is permitted; and,

    444(d) No credit is extended by the house.

    452(8) Cardroom operators shall establish, 457and list in their internal controls, 463security controls that limit access into the cashiers’ cage(s), count room, vault, and surveillance room. 478This list 480shall include 482the position titles of all employees who have access to these areas. 494A current list of employees, 499including full names and license numbers, 505authorized to enter each secure area and shall be posted on the inside door of the entrance to each specific area, in the security office, and in the surveillance room at all times.

    538(9) Cardroom operators are required to issue a photo identification to all cardroom employees. The photo identification shall include, at a minimum, the name of the cardroom facility, cardroom employee occupational license number, and the employee’s name.

    575(10) The cardroom operator must provide the division, office of auditing, written notice within 20 days of a change in any management company contract.

    599(11) Cardroom operators shall establish a system for using imprest trays, cashiers’ cage, and vaults for cardroom operations 617that is included in the internal controls, and provides for:

    627(a) Maximum amounts of currency permitted to be maintained in imprest trays; and,

    640(b) Imprest trays that are lockable and equipped with removable covers, or

    652(c) A procedure to require the removal of imprest trays to a secure area at the end of each gaming day.

    673(12) At the close of each shift, the chips, tokens, and currency in the imprest tray at each table shall be reconciled to the beginning balances pursuant to the approved cardroom internal controls.

    706(13) 707No gaming may be conducted at a card table during the absence of the licensed dealer.

    723(14) 724No gaming may be conducted within the licensed cardroom facility during the absence of the designated manager or supervisor.

    743(15) When a cardroom operator is offering games of dominoes, the cardroom operator shall designate and assign at least one licensed cardroom employee as the supervisor of games of dominoes. A dominoes supervisor may not supervise more than eight dominoes tables.

    784(16) A cardroom operator shall 789notify the division, office of investigations, 795of each person it refuses entry into its cardroom for a period of 30 days, 810other than self exclusions, 814or longer pursuant to Section 819849.086(7)(g), F.S., 821which shall include the:

    825(a) Name and current address (if available) of the person refused entry;

    837(b) Date of the refusal;

    842(c) Reason for the refusal; and,

    848(d) Period of time.

    852(17) Each cardroom operator providing dominoes for play shall provide internal controls for the interaction between the vault and the dominoes supervisor.

    874Rulemaking Authority 876550.0251(12), 877849.086(4), 878(11) FS. Law Implemented 882849.086 FS. 884History–New 1-7-97, Amended 5-9-04, 4-12-06, 9-7-08, 7-21-14, 1-2-18.


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