61D-9.001. Interstate and Intertrack Broadcasts  

Effective on Wednesday, April 12, 2006
  • 1(1)(a) Florida permitholders shall provide documentation supporting information reported on Form DBPR PMW-3590, Notification of Interstate Broadcasting, adopted and incorporated by Rule 2361D-10.001, 24F.A.C., to the division. To ensure compliance with the breeders’ and stallion awards requirement set forth in Chapter 550, F.S., and purse requirements in Section 49550.6305, F.S., 51Florida permitholders shall provide the following documentation for review and audit upon request:

    64(b) No permitholder shall enter a contractual agreement that is in violation of, or may be construed as waiving, the requirements of these rules or Chapter 550, F.S.

    92(c) Where pools are commingled from out of state into Florida, a Florida host permitholder shall require the out-of-state guest to provide any information necessary for the host’s accounting of its pari-mutuel activities. This information relating to the accumulation, calculation and distribution of the applicable pools will be requested by the division from the out-of-state guest.

    148(2) The following provisions shall apply to Florida host tracks broadcasting contests:

    160(a) Each totalisator site manager for a permitholder which desires to operate as an intertrack or interstate host facility shall provide to the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering a security plan at least 10 days prior to the initial implementation of intertrack or interstate wagering. A new security plan shall be submitted 10 days prior to a change in a permitholder’s totalisator company or to the effective date of any change to the security plan. The security plan shall include as a minimum the information requested by the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering’s Security Plan Guidelines for Intertrack or Interstate Host Tracks herein incorporated by reference. A copy of these guidelines may be obtained by contacting the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, 2601 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399. The effective date of each of these guidelines is October 20, 1996.

    300(b) For each meet, the Florida interstate host track shall provide to the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering in Tallahassee, the information as required in Form DBPR PMW-3590, Notification of Interstate Broadcasting, adopted and incorporated by Rule 33661D-10.001, 337F.A.C., no later than TWO HOURS prior to initiating the broadcast to any out-of-state guest. Florida intertrack hosts shall provide to the division the information required in Form DBPR PMW-3600, Notification of Intertrack Wagering, adopted and incorporated by Rule 37661D-10.001, 377F.A.C., no later than two working days prior to the broadcast to any intertrack guest.

    392(c) Each Florida host track shall ensure that the primary means of data transmission from the permitholder’s facility to the totalisator or from totalisator to totalisator is through a leased dedicated data line. There shall be back-up data lines in the event of primary line failure. Back-up lines may be dial-up data lines.

    445(3) The following provisions shall apply to Florida permitholders operating as guest tracks:

    458(a) Florida permitholders operating as primary guest tracks within Florida shall combine all the Florida wagers into their own pools before transmission to the out-of-state host.

    484(b) Intertrack guest tracks may offer only those pools which are being offered by the Florida host track, but are not required to offer all pools offered by the host. Separate pools maintained by guest tracks on intertrack wagers are permitted only for greyhound permitholders as provided by Section 533550.6305(2), F.S.

    535(c) Tickets sold at guest tracks shall identify the sales location and the name of the host track.

    553(d) The guest, hub or remote tote server shall be responsible for the timely transmission of wagering data to the host for the purpose of combining pools.

    5801. If a betting site is unable to transmit wagering data to the host before the end of a race upon which wagers are taken, the Florida site experiencing the problem must close wagering early. If the site responsible for not transmitting wagering data to the host before the end of a race is an out-of-state guest, the Florida host shall impose an early closing of wagering for the guest site. The Florida host totalisator manager shall be responsible for enforcing the provisions of this subsection.

    6662. If it is determined that the bet cancel delay at a guest site is responsible for causing a delay in the closing or the pricing of a Florida host pool, the Florida host will require an early stop bet at the guest site. The Florida host Mutuels Manager shall be responsible for enforcing the provisions of this subsection. In the event that the Florida host fails to take action as required by this section, the division shall require the problem intertrack or interstate guest site to close early as a condition of continued participation into the pools of the Florida host track.

    769(e) Except during the advance wagering period, either the audio or the video signals must be present at the start of a wagering day at a Florida guest track in order for the wagering to begin.

    8051. In the event of the loss of both the audio and video signals the Florida guest track Mutuels Manager shall notify the host track of the loss of the signal and must establish telephone linkup between the host track announcer and the guest track announcer to provide wagering and racing information through the public address system.

    8622. Wagering at the Florida guest track may continue during the telephone linkup until video has been reestablished or until the start of the next wagering day at the guest track, whichever occurs first.

    8963. Wagering may not take place without the presence of both the audio and the video signals on a performance following a performance in which either the audio or the video was missing.

    929(f) There shall be television monitors in each guest tote room or, where applicable, hub to provide tote employees a view of all starters in each host contest being wagered on through that tote.

    963(4) Where wagering data is transmitted computer to computer:

    972(a) The applicable Florida permitholders shall maintain separate outs accounting and reporting for intertrack wagers and must be able to produce a listing of outs purged upon request.

    1000(b) Where intertrack common pools are maintained, the track or fronton conducting the live contest shall be allowed to print tables of wagers reflecting the wagers in its own totalisator on the quinella double, Trifecta and Superfecta combination and Superfecta pools only. When this occurs, complimentary tables of wagers shall be printed by each guest totalisator or, where applicable, hub to which the guest’s terminals are linked. The transmission of data for these wagers only shall be via a late scan report.

    1082(c) Tote companies licensed and operating in Florida, whether operating within the State of Florida or at out-of-state sites wagering into Florida, shall implement on a uniform basis the most recent level of tote protocol.

    1117(5) The Florida host track is responsible for the content of its broadcast and shall use all reasonable effort to present a broadcast which offers an exemplary depiction of its racing or playing program, a periodic display of wagering information and continuity of programming between contests. Except for separate pools in greyhound racing as allowed by Section 1174550.6305(2), F.S., 1176the guest track shall display the host track odds.

    1185(a) Not earlier than 1 hour and not less than 15 minutes prior to the commencement of transmission of a contest, Florida intertrack hosts and guests shall perform a test of their transmitter, encryption, decoding, and data communication equipment to assure proper operation of the broadcast system. The timely application of the stop bet command throughout the wagering network shall also be tested.

    1248(b) Except in the cases of communication failure and network or cable broadcast, every audio/visual signal shall be encrypted using a time displacement decoding algorithm encryption system or an equivalent encryption system.

    1280(c) Every audio/visual signal shall contain in its video content the following:

    12921. The date;

    12952. The actual time of day at the host track;

    13053. The name of the host track from which the audio/visual signal emanates;

    13184. The minutes to post for contest; and

    13265. The number of the contest being displayed.

    13346. For horse racing, the sequential fractional time of the race shall be displayed as it is being conducted.

    1353(d) Where space limitations prohibit concurrent display of the information in subsection (5), the name of the host shall be displayed at all times, and all other elements of the required display shall be shown intermittently. All replays of contests shall be indicated as such. The requirements of this paragraph are not applicable when network or cable television broadcasts are used for the audio/visual signal.

    1418(6) The cycle of the change of odds, and the display of such, at all intertrack permitholders shall not be more than 90 seconds commencing after the previous race or game is declared official, and the “posting” of the next current race. An explanation shall be provided in the official program or posted prominently on each level of the facility indicating that final odds may be delayed due to the accumulation and transfer of intertrack or interstate wagering data.

    1497(7)(a) For common pool wagering there shall be a facsimile machine located in each mutuels area or tote room and a direct, private telephone line to be located in the tote room. Phone access to the tote room shall not require routing through the switchboard.

    1542(b) As a condition for commingling into the pools of a Florida permitholder, an out-of-state guest must have available for use during such commingling: private line telephones and facsimile machines.

    1572(c) Scratched horses or dogs, substitutions in jai alai, or other program changes must be communicated via facsimile machine or telephone by the host Mutuels Manager to all guest Mutuels Managers except when the operating totalisator protocol performs these functions automatically or when the information is disseminated to the wagering network via satellite or video display.

    1628(8) Except for completing the manual merge process and totalisator emergencies relating to the exchange provisions of jackpot wagers, Florida hosts shall not delay post times for purposes of accumulating additional wagers from guests. Post times displayed at host locations and guest locations for a contest shall be the same.

    1678(9) Departures from the above requirements will be considered by the Division upon written request from the Florida host or, if applicable, guest. No departure shall be granted which will compromise the security of the transmission of wagering data or jeopardize the integrity of the pools. In determining whether to allow a departure the Division shall consider the following:

    1737(a) Any effect on the integrity of the audio/visual and totalisator system;

    1749(b) Any effect on the division’s regulatory ability;

    1757(c) Any adverse impact on the accumulation, calculation, and distribution of the pools.

    1770Rulemaking Authority 1772550.0251(3), 1773(7), 1774550.125(2)(b), 1775550.155(1), 1776550.2625(2)(d), 1777550.3551(10), 1778550.495(4), 1779550.6305(5) FS. 1781Law Implemented 1783550.0251, 1784550.125, 1785550.155, 1786550.2625, 1787550.3551, 1788550.495, 1789550.615, 1790550.625, 1791550.6305 FS. 1793History–New 10-20-96, Amended 12-15-97, 9-19-04, 4-12-06.


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