61E1-2.005. Re-examination  

Effective on Wednesday, October 16, 2019
  • 1An individual who fails to pass the examination may take the applicable examination 14two (2) additional times before having to submit an application for re-examination on Form DBPR ALU 6, Asbestos Examination Application, as incorporated by reference in Rule 4061E1-2.001, 41F.A.C., together with the required 46re-examination fee 48as specified in Rule 5261E1-3.001, 53F.A.C54. An individual who has passed one of the two sections of the Asbestos Contractor examination shall be given credit for the part passed.

    78Rulemaking Authority 80455.2035, 81455.213, 82455.217, 83469.008, 84469.011 FS. 86Law Implemented 88455.213, 89455.217, 90469.005, 91469.007, 92469.008, 93559.79 FS. 95History–New 2-15-89, Formerly 21-23.005, Amended 10-16-19.