61G1-16.004. Title Block  

Effective on Sunday, March 16, 2014
  • 1A title block must appear on all architectural or interior design drawings and specification identification sheets that are required to be signed and sealed. The title block must, at a minimum, contain the following information:

    36(1) Firm name, address, and telephone number.

    43(2) Firm license number.

    47(3) Name or identification of project.

    53(4) Date prepared.

    56(5) A space for the signature and dated seal.

    65(6) The printed name and the license/registration number of the person sealing the document.

    79(7) The date of plans revision, if the plans are revised.

    90(8) For the purposes of this rule, firm is defined to be 102a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, person practicing under a fictitious name, or person practicing architecture or interior design in his or her own name.

    127Rulemaking Authority 129481.2055, 130481.221(1), 131(3) FS. Law Implemented 135481.219, 136481.221(1), 137(3) FS. History–New 9-7-00, Amended 3-16-14.


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