61G1-22.001. Interior Design Professional Experience Requirements  

Effective on Monday, May 20, 1991
  • 1(1) The program of professional interior design experience required in Section 12481.209(2), F.S., 14shall include training and experience under the direct supervision of a registered interior designer or registered architect performing interior design services in the following areas of practice:

    41(a) Identifying, researching and creatively solving interior design problems.

    50(b) Performing services including programming, design analysis, space planning and aesthetics.

    61(c) Specialized knowledge of interior construction and supervision, building systems and components, interior fire safety and design for the disabled.

    81(d) Specifying interior equipment, materials and furnishings.

    88(e) Preparing interior drawings, specifications and documents.

    95(2) An applicant engaged in a full time teaching position in an interior design program approved by the Board pursuant to Section 117481.209(2), F.S., 119shall be awarded one year toward the practice experience requirement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no applicant may complete an experience requirement without at least one year of acceptable experience/training, in an interior design office, one year of which must be in North America.

    161Specific Authority 163481.2055, 164481.209(2) FS. 166Law Implemented 168481.209(2) FS. 170History–New 5-20-91, Formerly 21B-22.001.