61G10-11.004. Practical Experience in Landscape Architecture  

Effective on Wednesday, September 18, 2019
  • 1(1) For the purposes of satisfying the provisions of section 11481.309(1)(b)2., F.S., 13relating to six years practical experience in landscape architecture as defined in rule 2661G10-15.001, 27F.A.C., the Board specifies that:

    32(a) Applicants must present evidence that in their experience they have provided or participated in the provision of the type of services set forth in section 58481.303(6), F.S., 60which is the definition of landscape architecture.

    671. On and after March 1, 1987 all practical experience relied on by the applicant must have been obtained under the direct supervision of a registered landscape architect. On and after March 1, 1987 no experience obtained under the direct supervision of a licensed architect, engineer or land surveyor will be accepted by the Board. However, prior to March 1, 1987, the applicant may show that all experience was under the direct supervision of a licensed landscape architect, architect, engineer or land surveyor. Documentation of such experience shall include the name, profession, and address of each supervising professional, the specific dates during which such supervision occurred, and a description of the duties performed and the work produced. References from the supervising professionals shall be provided and shall verify the documentation of experience.

    1992. The applicant shall present to the Board work samples of plans or contract documents produced which demonstrate knowledge and experience. All drawings shall be neat, legible, to scale, and include all information necessary to fully describe the item depicted. All submittals may relate to the same project. The applicant shall present at least two examples of work in each of the following areas:

    263a. Site design: One example must be a master plan which shows the fundamental organization of a site. Circulation, user areas, major structures, natural features, open space, and the plan's relationship to its surroundings shall be shown. The other example must be a site plan showing more detailed physical and functional relationships and definition of site features. If the work is a rehabilitation or addition, the example should clearly indicate the extent of blending of existing and proposed features.

    342b. Staking/layout plan: This plan shall provide for the accurate location of visible site features of a site or master plan from established reference point(s) through dimensions, coordinates and/or stationing.

    372c. Grading and drainage plan: This plan shall describe the existing and proposed shape of the ground plane including the elevation, slope and pitch of surface areas and structures through contours, spot elevations, and/or grade notations. Stormwater runoff shall be accommodated through swales, storage areas and/or drainage structures as required.

    422d. Irrigation plan: This plan shall provide for installation of a complete irrigation system from water source through sprinkler head layout. All piping, zones, equipment, and components shall be sized and identified on the plan.

    457e. Construction details: These drawings shall depict a detailed plan view, elevation, or cross section of a site plan element with notes and dimensions appropriate to describe construction of the element. The two details shall represent construction of two different elements, in differing materials. (Planting installation detail shall not be included in this section.)

    511f. Planting plan: This plan shall depict the identification and arrangement of plant material within the framework of a site or master plan. Plants from the basic categories of ground covers, shrubs, and trees shall be incorporated. A sample installation detail and plant list including scientific plant names, sizes, and quantities, shall accompany the plan.

    566g. Specifications: Written specifications shall state general conditions and precise qualitative requirements for materials and workmanship, pertaining to construction of the subject element.

    589In the event the applicant worked as part of a team on any project submitted, the applicant shall provide verification from the supervisor or employer as to the extent of the applicant's involvement in the project.

    625(b) In determining the credit to be given for completion of education, an applicant will be granted up to 2 years credit for general college work. An additional 2 years credit will be given for college work in an accredited school of landscape architecture, civil engineering, architecture, or another professional discipline of a similar nature.

    680(2) For the purposes of satisfying the provisions of section 690481.310, F.S., 692applicants for licensure as a registered landscape architect shall demonstrate, prior to licensure, one year of practical experience in landscape architectural work as follows:

    716(a) One year of practical experience shall be 2000 hours of landscape architectural work.

    730(b) All experience shall be under the supervision of a registered landscape architect.

    743(c) Experience shall be computed at the rate of (1) hour experience credit for each one (1) hour of documented experience.

    764(d) All experience shall be in one or more of the areas described in sub-subparagraphs (1)(a)2.a.-g. of this rule, namely: site design, staking/layout plan, grading and drainage plan, irrigation plan, construction details, planting plan, and specification.

    800(e) Individuals applying for licensure by endorsement who have been actively licensed for at least five (5) years and who have not been subject to disciplinary action in any jurisdiction within the last five (5) years may provide a verification of licensure from the licensing state as proof of meeting the practical experience requirement in lieu of the Practical Experience Verification Form (LA6).

    863Rulemaking Authority 865481.306, 866481.310 FS. 868Law Implemented 870481.309(1)(b), 871481.310 FS. 873History–New 2-4-80, Amended 10-13-81, 12-17-85, Formerly 21K-11.04, Amended 8-3-87, 1-29-91, Formerly 21K-11.004, Amended 1-2-00, 6-21-17, 9-18-19.