61G10-12.001. Application and Examination Fees  

Effective on Tuesday, October 1, 2019
  • 1(1) The examination application fee shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00), payable to the Department.

    16(2) The examination fee for the Florida Section is three hundred dollars ($300.00), of which two hundred and seventy-nine dollars ($279.00) is payable to the Department and is due at the time of application, and twenty-one dollars ($21.00) is payable to the Department’s contracted testing service and is due at the time of the testing.

    71(3) When conducted by a professional testing service, applicants retaking the Florida Section shall only pay the fee payable to the testing service.

    94(4) Notwithstanding (1) above, the examination application fee shall be waived for any applicant applying for and taking the examination within 24 months of completion of the professional degree pursuant to Section 126481.309(1)(b)1., F.S.

    128Rulemaking Authority 130481.306, 131481.307 FS. 133Law Implemented 135455.217(7), 136481.307 FS. 138History–New 2-4-80, Amended 3-9-84, 7-26-84, Formerly 21K-12.01, Amended 10-7-87, 11-12-89, 3-11-91, Formerly 21K-12.001, Amended 8-7-95, 1-13-99, 8-16-99, 8-27-00, 8-21-05, 4-13-08, 3-15-12, 3-10-14, 7-6-16, 10-1-19.