61G10-15.004. Successor Landscape Architects  

Effective on Monday, November 25, 2019
  • 1(1) A “successor landscape architect” is a registered landscape architect who has reviewed, approved, or modified, and adopted any plan, specification, drawing, or other document which was prepared, signed and placed under seal by another registered landscape architect.

    39(2) A successor landscape architect must thoroughly document verification of the original registered landscape architect’s work including calculations, site visits, and research. In addition, the successor landscape architect assumes all professional and legal responsibility for the documents which have been reviewed, approved, or modified and adopted by succesor landscape architect.

    89(3) The successor landscape architect is not required to redraw plans so long as justification for such action is thoroughly documented by the successor landscape architect.

    115(4) The title block, seal and signature of the successor landscape architect must be used and the title block, seal and signature of the original registered landscape architect must be removed before sealing, signing and dating any sealed contract documents.

    155(5) Prior to sealing, signing and dating work, a successor registered landscape architect shall notify the original registered landscape architect, including any successors or assigns, by certified letter to the last known address of the original registered landscape architect. Said notification shall include a statement of the successor’s intention to use or reuse the original registered landscape architect’s work. The successor landscape architect shall have full responsibility for the drawings as though they were the successor’s original product.

    233Rulemaking Authority 235481.306 FS. 237Law Implemented 239481.321(3) FS. 241History–New 11-17-92, Formerly 21K-15.004, Amended 11-25-19.


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