61G15-21.001. Examination Designated; General Requirements  

Effective on Sunday, August 20, 2017
  • 1(1) Pursuant to Sections 5471.013 6and 7471.015(1), F.S., 9an examination shall be given and passed prior to any applicant receiving a license to practice as a professional engineer or becoming an engineer intern in the State of Florida, except as provided in subsections 44471.015(3) 45and (5), F.S. The examination shall be provided by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).

    64(a) Part I of the examination provided by NCEES is the Fundamentals of Engineering examination.

    79(b) Part II of the examination provided by NCEES for all disciplines other than structural is the Principles and Practices of Engineering examination, and is given by discipline.

    107(c) For Part II of the examination, in lieu of the Principles and Practices of Engineering exmination, an applicant can take the sixteen (16) hour Structural Engineering examination provided by NCEES.

    138(2) National examination security requirements as established by the NCEES shall be followed throughout the administration of the examination.

    157(3) Applicants for licensure by examination must be graduates of a Board-approved engineering program as defined in subsection 17561G15-20.001(2), 176F.A.C. Acceptance into the fundamentals examination, either in Florida or elsewhere, does not indicate automatic acceptance for the principles and practice examination, nor does it exempt said applicant from meeting the licensure eligibility criteria set forth in Chapter 471, F.S., and Title 61G15, F.A.C.

    220Rulemaking Authority 222455.217(1), 223471.008 FS. 225Law Implemented 227455.217(1), 228471.013, 229471.015 FS. 231History–New 1-8-80, Formerly 21H-21.01, Amended 10-5-92, Formerly 21H-21.001, Amended 11-15-94, 10-14-02, 3-9-04, 2-3-05, 2-2-12, 9-25-13, 8-20-17.


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