61G15-22.0001. License Renewal  

Effective on Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • 1(1) Active or Inactive Status. To renew an active 10or inactive status 13license, the licensee must remit to FEMC 20a completed renewal application and 25the biennial renewal licensure fee for active 32or inactive status 35licenses 36as specified by rule 4061G15-24.001, 41F.A.C. The application form FBPE/020, 12/17, Professional Engineer License Renewal Application And Instructions, 54is incorporated by reference herein and may be obtained from www.fbpe.org/index.php/licensure/other-forms or at 67https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-690941370. 71All applications for renewal of inactive status licenses must also contain a statement certifying that the licensee has neither practiced engineering in Florida nor violated any of the provisions of section 102471.033, F.S., 104since the date on which the license was first placed on inactive status.

    117(2) Delinquent status.

    120(a) Pursuant to section 124455.271(6)(a), F.S., 126licensees with delinquent status licenses must affirmatively apply for either active or inactive status during the renewal cycle in which the license becomes delinquent; failure to do so by the end of the renewal cycle renders the license void without further action by the Board.

    171(b) Application for renewal of a delinquent status license shall be made on form FBPE/020, and shall be accompanied by all fees as specified by section 197455.271(7), F.S., 199and rule 20161G15-24.001, 202F.A.C. In addition, applications for renewal of a delinquent status license must be accompanied by documentation of the licensee’s compliance with the continuing education requirements established by section 230471.017(3)(a), F.S., 232and rule 23461G15-22.001, 235F.A.C.

    236(3) Members of the Armed Forces and Spouses.

    244(a) Members of the United States Armed Forces serving on active duty, or having been discharged within the twenty-four (24) months preceding renewal; or spouses or surviving spouses of active duty members, may renew a license as specified in sections 284455.02(1) 285and (2), F.S. Applications for renewal shall be made by remitting to FEMC Form FBPE 040, 12/18, Renewal Application Military Change of Status, which is incorporated by reference herein and may be obtained from www.fbpe.org/index.php/licensure/other-forms or at 322https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-10315324.

    325(b) The active or inactive license of a member of the Florida National Guard or United States Armed Forces Reserve shall not expire while that member is serving on federal active duty, and shall be extended through the period of federal active duty and for up to ninety (90) days thereafter, as provided by section 380250.4815, F.S.

    382Rulemaking Authority 384455.271(2), 385(5), (6)(a), (7), 388471.011, 389471.017(2) FS. 391Law Implemented 393250.4815, 394455.02(1), 395(2), 396455.271(2), 397(5), (6)(a), (7), 400471.011, 401471.017 FS. 403History–New 8-1-02, Amended 2-18-16, 2-27-17, 11-21-17, 5-28-18, 4-1-19, 7-25-19.