61G15-22.012. Obligations of Continuing Education Providers  

Effective on Tuesday, May 8, 2018
  • 1To maintain status as a continuing education provider, the provider must:

    12(1)(a) Provide courses or seminars designed to enhance the education of engineers in the practice of engineering;

    29(b) Require each licensee to complete the entire course or seminar in order to receive a certificate of completion;

    48(c) Furnish each participant with an individual certificate of attendance. An attendance record shall be maintained by the provider for four years and shall be available for inspection by the Board and the Florida Engineers Management Corporation.

    85(d) Ensure that all promotional material for courses or seminars offered to professional engineers for credit contain the provider number.

    105(e) Allow only one continuing education hour for each hour of classroom, audio or video instruction, an “hour of classroom, audio or video instruction” being a minimum of 50 minutes instruction or presentation.

    138(f) Allow only one continuing education hour for each “hour of correspondence study.” The “hour of correspondence study” must be based on the average completion time of each course as established by the provider.

    172(g) Provide a written examination to each participating licensee in correspondence study courses. In order to complete the course, the licensee must sign and date the examination and receive a minimum grade of seventy percent (70%). If a licensee fails the examination, they will be permitted to take the examination again in order to achieve a passing grade.

    230(h) Notify the Board within fourteen (14) days of any change in the address or telephone number of the provider.

    250(i) Allow FEMC’s and the Board’s designee to have access to information concerning courses or seminars conducted by the provider for continuing education credit.

    274(2) Providers must make available to potential participants course information sufficient to allow a participant to clearly understand the course content, learning objectives and outcomes, and level of difficulty prior to enrolling in the course. This requirement may be satisfied by either posting a detailed course description or representative excerpts of the course materials, if course materials in their entirety are not made available for review prior to course registration.

    344Rulemaking Authority 346471.008, 347471.017(3) FS. 349Law Implemented 351471.017(3) FS. 353History–New 9-16-01, Amended 2-18-16, 5-8-18.


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