61G15-23.003. Procedures for Physically Signing and Sealing Plans, Specifications, Reports or Other Documents  

Effective on Tuesday, November 3, 2015
  • 1Engineering plans, specifications, reports or other documents which must be signed, dated and sealed in accordance with the provisions of Section 22471.025, F.S., 24and Rule 2661G15-23.001, 27F.A.C. may be physically signed, dated and sealed as provided herein by the professional engineer in responsible charge.

    45(1) The licensee shall sign by hand an original of the licensee’s signature on each page required to be sealed. A scanned, facsimile, digitally created or copied image of the licensee’s signature shall not be used.

    81(2) The licensee must then use a wet seal, a digitally created seal, or an embossing seal placed partially overlapping the licensee’s signature on each page required to be sealed. The placement of the seal shall not render the signature illegible.

    122Rulemaking Authority 124471.025(1), 125668.006 FS. 127Law Implemented 129471.025 FS. 131History–New 8-18-98, Amended 9-4-05, 5-6-09, 1-5-12, 8-20-12, 12-10-13, 11-3-15.


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