61G15-30.002. Definitions Common to All Engineer's Responsibility Rules  

Effective on Thursday, November 13, 2008
  • 1(1) Engineer of Record. A Florida professional engineer who is in responsible charge for the preparation, signing, dating, sealing and issuing of any engineering document(s) for any engineering service or creative work.

    33(2) Prime Professional. A Florida professional engineer or a duly qualified engineering corporation or partnership, who is engaged by the client to provide any planning, design, coordination, arrangement and permitting for the project and for construction observations in connection with any engineering project, service or creative work. The prime professional engineer may also be an engineer of record on the same project.

    95(3) Delegated Engineer. A Florida professional engineer who undertakes a specialty service and provides services or creative work (delegated engineering document) regarding a portion of the engineering project. The delegated engineer is the engineer of record for that portion of the engineering project. A delegated engineer usually falls into one of the following categories:

    149(a) An independent consultant.

    153(b) An employee or officer of an entity supplying components to a fabricator or contractor, so long as the engineer acts as an independent consultant or through a duly qualified engineering corporation.

    185(c) An employee or officer of a fabricator or contractor, so long as the engineer acts as an independent consultant or through a duly qualified engineering corporation.

    212(4) Engineering Documents. Engineering documents are designs, plans, specifications, drawings, prints, reports, or similar instruments of service in connection with engineering services or creative work that have been prepared and issued by the professional engineer or under his responsible supervision, direction or control.

    255(5) Delegated Engineering Documents. Delegated engineering documents are those engineering documents that are prepared by a delegated engineer.

    273(6) Public Record. An engineering document is “filed for public record” when said document is presented with the engineer of record's knowledge and consent to any federal, state, county, district, authority, municipal or other governmental agency in connection with the transaction of official business with said agency.

    320(7) 321“Engineering Documents Prepared for Public Record” are those documents filed for public record with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to determine compliance with Codes and Standards and to be used for execution of the project.  These documents are required to be signed and sealed. 

    365(8) Shop Drawings:  Drawings depicting installation means and methods, catalog information on standard products, prepared by a contractor, manufacturers, or professional engineers for incorporation into the project which are prepared based on engineering direction contained in Engineering Documents. Shop drawings do not require the signature, date and seal of a professional engineer.

    417(9) Record Documents: Documents that are a compiled representation of the constructed project.  If the engineer is relying on information provided by others not under the direct supervision and control of the engineer, then the engineer shall not be required to sign, date and seal these Documents.  If relying on information by others, as a minimum, the following shall be included on the Documents:

    481(a) 482Statement that the documents are a compiled representation of the constructed project.

    494(b) 495Listing of the sources and basis of information used in the preparation of the Documents.

    510(c) 511Statement that the Documents are believed to be correct to the best of the engineer526527s knowledge, and that the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed.

    539Specific Authority 541471.033(2), 542471.008 FS. 544Law Implemented 546471.033(1), 547471.023, 548471.025 FS. 550History–New 1-26-93, Formerly 21H-30.002, 554Amended 11-13-08556.

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