61G15-32.002. Definitions  

Effective on Tuesday, March 28, 2017
  • 1(1) Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection System(s): The Florida Registered Professional Engineer who develops the Fire Protection System(s) design criteria; performs analysis as required: and is responsible for the preparation of the Fire Protection System Engineering Documents. Except to the limited extent provided in subsection 4861G15-32.002(10), 49F.A.C., the Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection system(s) is responsible for providing sealed, signed and dated Fire Protection System Engineering Documents that are in full conformity with the applicable design standards set forth in Rule Chapter 61G15-32, F.A.C.

    89(2) Fire Protection Component: Any individual part, subsystem or device to be incorporated in a Fire Protection System.

    107(3) Fire Protection System: Any assembly of Fire Protection components, materials, equipment, which require design to form a fully functional fire protection system.

    130(4) Listed: A fire protection component tested by a nationally recognized fire protection equipment testing organization. Recognized organizations include Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and Factory Mutual Research Corporation.

    157(5) Fire Protection System Engineering Documents: The fire protection system engineering drawings, specifications, prescriptive and performance criteria, water supply analysis and other materials or representations, which are submitted with the general construction documents pursuant to Section 193553.79(6), F.S., 195that set forth the overall design requirements and provide sufficient direction for the contractor to layout the construction, alteration, demolition, renovation, repair, modification, permitting and such, for any public or private fire protection system(s), which are prepared, signed, dated and sealed by the Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection System(s).

    246(6) Fire Protection System Layout Documents: Layout drawings, hydraulic calculations, catalog information on standard products, and other construction data prepared by the licensed contractor or Engineer of Record that provides detail on the location of risers, cross mains, branch lines, sprinkler heads, sizing of pipe, hanger locations, and hydraulic calculations and also serves as a guide for fabrication and installation of a fire protection system. Fire Protection System Layout Documents are based upon engineering direction provided in the Fire Protection System Engineering Documents and require no additional engineering input. These documents do not require the seal of a Florida registered engineer.

    347(7) Codes and Standards: Those nationally recognized codes and standards adopted directly or by reference in Chapter 633, F.S., Fire Prevention and Control; the Florida Building Code; and the Florida Fire 378Prevention 379Code. The Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code are incorporated by reference in Rule 39661G15-18.011, 397F.A.C. Applicable codes and standards also include those promulgated by State and local authorities having jurisdiction. In the event the codes and standards fail to cover or address a specific protection requirement, alternative research, test results, and engineering data may be utilized, relying on the Engineer of Record for Fire Protection to make an informed engineering decision. This definition is not intended to preclude the use of new technologies when said technology has been demonstrated to provide equivalent or improved protection above that of published National Fire Protection standards.

    486(8) Material Deviation: Any deviation from the design parameters established and documented by the Engineer of Record.

    503(9) Layout: The location of risers, cross mains, branch lines, sprinkler heads, sizing of pipe, hanger locations, and hydraulic calculations based on engineering documents.

    527(10) Fire Protection Delegated Engineering Documents. Fire Protection System Engineering Documents prepared by a delegated engineer to whom the Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection System has contractually delegated responsibility for the design to be simultaneously submitted for permit of a discrete and limited portion of a fire protection system and which are signed, sealed and dated by the delegated engineer. These documents shall be reviewed and approved by the Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection System for conformity with the Engineer of Record’s design intent and shall be included in the engineering design documents prepared prior to submittal for a building permit and Fire Department installation permit, except when no building permit is required. When no building permit is required, the delegated engineering work bearing the seal of delegated engineer and approval of the Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection System shall be submitted together to the fire official for permitting.

    682Rulemaking Authority 684471.008, 685471.033(2) FS. 687Law Implemented 689471.005(7), 690471.033(2) FS. 692History–New 5-19-93, Formerly 21H-32.002, Amended 4-2-00, 6-26-01, 3-26-09, 10-11-10, 3-28-17.