61G15-35.003. Qualification Program for Special Inspectors of Threshold Buildings  

Effective on Sunday, May 31, 2020
  • 1(1) The minimum qualifying criteria for Special Inspectors of Threshold Buildings, also referred to as Threshold Inspectors, established by the Board shall be as follows:

    26(a) Proof of current licensure in good standing as a licensed professional engineer in the State of Florida whose principal practice is structural engineering or whose principal practice is in performing structural field inspections on Threshold Buildings.

    63(b) Licensed professional engineers whose principal practice is structural engineering shall also have three (3) years of experience in performing structural field inspections on Threshold Buildings or equivalent pursuant to a threshold/special inspection plan relevant to the work performed and two (2) years of experience in the structural design of threshold buildings. For the purpose of these criteria, structural design shall mean the design of all structural components of the building and shall not be limited to specific structural components only, such as foundations, prestressed or post-tensioned concrete, etc.

    152(c) Licensed professional engineers whose principal practice is structural field inspections shall have five (5) years of experience in performing structural field inspections on Threshold Buildings or requivalent pursuant to a threshold/special inspection plan relevant to the work performed and possess each of the certifications identified in paragraph 20061G15-35.004(2)(f), 201F.A.C., at the time of application.

    207(2) Applications.

    209(a) The instructions and application form for Special Inspector, Form FBPE/006 (12/19) is hereby incorporated by reference, “Application for Special Inspector Certification.” Copies of Form FBPE/006 may be obtained from the Board office or by downloading it from the internet website www.fbpe.org/licensure/application-process or at 253https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-11953255.

    256(b) All applications for certification as a Special Inspector shall be submitted to the Board on Form FBPE/006.

    274(c) Applications shall contain the following basic information pertaining to the applicant:

    2861. Name,

    2882. Florida license number,

    2923. A list of projects submitted for experience credit.

    301a. Project descriptions. For each project identified, the following shall be clearly listed:

    314(I) The beginning and ending experience dates,

    321(II) The time spent on design or inspection work, expressed as a percentage of the applicant’s total work time; and,

    341(III) A description of work performed sufficient to clearly demonstrate that the minimum qualification criteria has been met, including the components designed or inspected and details of the threshold/special inspection plan.

    372b. Credible experience. The Board will only grant experience for work on projects identified pursuant to sub-subparagraph (2)(c)3.a. For projects with overlapping time periods, the total amount of time claimed for all projects, including design and/or inspection activities, cannot exceed one hundred percent (100%) of the applicant’s time during the period claimed. Experience is based on a forty (40) hour per week full time employment in engineering basis. No additional experience credit is allowed for overtime work in excess of 40 hours, nor is experience credit allowed during periods when the applicant was not employed full time in the practice of engineering (for example, construction management).

    478c. All experience claimed must be verified. For structural design work, experience must be verified by the Engineer of Record. If the applicant is the Engineer of Record for the project, the applicant’s work must be verified by another professional engineer knowledgeable about the applicant’s structural design work on the project, such as a colleague, supervisor, team member, etc. Field inspection experience must be verified by the Special Inspector for the project.

    5504. Letters of recommendation from three registered professional engineers whose principal practice is structural engineering in the State of Florida, one of whom must be certified as a Special Inspector,

    5805. The signature, date and seal by the applicant attesting to the competency of the applicant to perform structural inspections on threshold buildings; and,

    6046. Completed form FBPE/006.

    608(d) Upon a determination that the application contains all of the information requested by these rules, review of the application shall be scheduled for consideration by the Board. Such applications may be approved, rejected or deferred for further information by the Board. If the Board defers an application for additional information, it shall notify the applicant of the information needed. Applicants shall be notified in writing of the Board’s actions as soon as practicable and, in the case of rejected applications, the Board shall set forth the reasons for such rejection.

    699(3) Roster of Special Inspectors. The Board shall maintain a roster of all persons certified as Special Inspectors pursuant to the criteria established in these rules and the law. The roster shall be made available to interested parties upon request. The roster shall be updated on a continuing basis and additions or deletions to the latest published roster may be verified by contacting the Board office.

    765(4) No later than December 31, 2024, the Board shall review and consider amendment, modification, or repeal of this rule if review determines this rule creates barriers to entry for private business competition, is duplicative, outdated, obsolete, overly burdensome, or imposes excessive costs.

    808Rulemaking Authority 810471.008, 811471.015(7) FS. 813Law Implemented 815471.015(7), 816553.79(5)(a) FS. 818History–New 4-19-01, Amended 7-7-02, 4-5-04, 11-29-04, 2-4-13, 2-28-16, 6-6-16, 6-26-17, 4-8-18, 12-27-18, 5-31-20.