61G19-6.008. Reexamination  

Effective on Thursday, August 8, 2019
  • 1All applicants who have taken and failed the licensure examination for a standard certificate and who wish to apply for reexamination in that certificate category shall submit the following to the Department:

    33(1) A completed application form for reexamination in the category in which certification is sought. The form that shall be used for this purpose shall be provided by the Department and available on the Department’s website.

    69(2) Those individuals who are not employed by a local government agency having responsibility for building code inspection, building construction regulation, and enforcement of building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, gas, fire prevention, energy, accessibility, and other construction codes at the time of their application for reexamination shall submit payment of the applicable reexamination fees as specified in chapter 61G19-10, F.A.C.

    128Rulemaking Authority 130455.217, 131468.606 FS. 133Law Implemented 135455.213, 136455.217, 137468.607, 138468.609(5), 139468.627(4) FS. 141History–New 5-23-94, Amended 11-21-95, 5-6-96, 10-1-97, 2-23-99, 8-17-03, 10-7-15, 8-8-19.