61G19-7.004. Approval of Training Programs  

Effective on Wednesday, May 17, 2017
  • 1(1) Each registered training program provider shall apply for approval of a training program. The application must be submitted on Board-approved form DBPR BCAIB 7, Application For Training Program Course and Provider, effective July 10, 2012, incorporated in DBPR Rule 4161-35.008, 42F.A.C., copies of which may be obtained from the Board office. The application for approval shall indicate the length of the program in hours, and shall include a copy of the program syllabus, a detailed outline of the contents of the course, and the names and qualifications of all instructors known at the time of the application.

    99(2) Upon receipt of a course application and the appropriate fee, the Board shall approve training programs which have educational and on-the-job-training (OJT) content sufficient to bring the certificate-holder’s inspection or plans examiner skills and technical skills to qualify the individual for examination in the category sought. Training programs shall be instructed by individuals meeting the requirements of Rule 15861G19-9.005, 159F.A.C. 160Program approval shall be valid for ten (10) years from the date of approval unless the provider expires or is disciplined. All training shall be consistent with the current code cycle.

    191(3) The Board shall approve or deny any application for program approval at the first Board meeting held more than thirty days after the date the application is received by the Board.

    223(4) A training program which has been rejected by the Board may be resubmitted with modifications.

    239(5) The Board shall not deny or withdraw approval of a training program on the basis that another program provider is conducting the same or a similar Board-approved training program.

    269(6) If a training program is approved, the Board shall assign the program a number. The training program provider shall print the Board-assigned number on the program syllabus, on all printed material used in connection with the program, and in all written advertising used in connection with the program.

    318(7) After a training program has been approved by the Board, any substantive changes in the program content must be submitted to and approved by the Board, prior to the implementation of the change.

    352(8) Individuals completing an approved training course may count up to twelve (12) hours toward their continuing education requirements for the biennium within which the training program is completed.

    381(9) Applicants seeking their initial standard certification under Part XII of Chapter 468, F.S., as an Inspector or Plans Examiner having a minimum of 2 years’ verifiable experience in construction, as defined in subsection 41561G19-1.009(8), 416F.A.C., or as a firesafety inspector as authorized pursuant to Section 427633.216, F.S., 429shall satisfactorily complete a comprehensive initial training program comprised of no fewer than 40 hours of instruction in state laws, rules, and ethics relating to professional standards of practice, duties, and responsibilities of a certificate holder; and no less than the following number of hours in the certification category sought:

    479(a) Building – 260 hours

    484(b) Electrical – 260 hours

    489(c) Plumbing – 260 hours

    494(d) Mechanical – 260 hours

    499(10) All requisite experience shall be verified by attestation, describing in detail each separate period of work experience listed in the application form, signed by a licensed architect, engineer, contractor, fire marshal, or building code administrator who has knowledge of the applicant’s duties and responsibilities during the period indicated. The form that shall be used for this purpose shall be provided by the Department and available on the Department’s website. Each attestation must include the name and address of the applicant’s employer during the work experience period, the dates of employment, and a description of the applicant’s duties and responsibilities during the employment including any supervisory responsibilities, in sufficient detail to enable the Board to determine whether or not the applicant has the experience required for certification.

    626(11) Training program providers shall be responsible for verification of an applicant’s experience prior to admission into a program and shall maintain a record of all verification documentation for a period of no less than ten (10) years.

    664Rulemaking Authority 666468.606, 667468.609 FS. 669Law Implemented 671455.2179, 672468.609, 673468.627 FS. 675History–New 10-25-01, Amended 10-7-15, 5-17-17.


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