61G19-7.007. Records Required to be Maintained by Program Providers  

Effective on Wednesday, May 17, 2017
  • 1Program providers shall maintain the following records with respect to each program:

    13(1) The original application for program admission.

    20(2) The name, address, and qualifications of each individual who supervises or conducts OJT or who signs the Certificate of Satisfactory Completion on behalf of an approved provider.

    48(3) All other records resulting in a transmittal of a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion to the Board.

    65(4) Course sponsors shall maintain the required records for each course at least five (5) years following the date the course is completed.

    88(5) Upon request by the board, each course sponsor shall provide the board with copies of any required records.

    107Rulemaking Authority 109468.606 FS. 111Law Implemented 113468.606, 114468.609 FS. 116History–New 12-28-00, Amended 5-17-17.


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