61G19-7.008. Certificates of Satisfactory Completion  

Effective on Monday, June 18, 2001
  • 1(1) Providers of approved training programs shall submit a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion to each individual who satisfactorily completes an approved training program.

    24(2) A Certificate of Satisfactory Completion submitted by a provider of an approved training program shall constitute evidence that the applicant has successfully completed the training program within a period of thirty-six (36) calendar months, and that the individual meets the requirements in Rule 6861G19-7.001, 69F.A.C.

    70(3) A Certificate of Satisfactory Completion shall qualify the applicant for examination in the category sought, pursuant to Section 89468.609(2)(c)4., F.S.

    91Specific Authority 93468.606 FS. 95Law Implemented 97468.609 FS. 99History–New 6-18-01.


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