61G3-16.0091. Requirement for Instruction on Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) for Continuing Education  

Effective on Wednesday, June 3, 2020
  • 1(1) Each person licensed under Chapter 476, F.S., shall complete a department or board approved HIV/AIDS education course as a condition of the renewal of his or her license as follows:

    32(a) Such course must be taken during the licensure period and prior to expiration of the license for a license to be renewed in an active status; or

    60(b) Any person whose license is listed as being in delinquent or inactive status shall take a department or board approved HIV/AIDS education course prior to reactivation of their license.

    90(2) The course shall consist of education on the modes of transmission, infection control procedures, clinical management and prevention of HIV and AIDS, with emphasis on appropriate behavior and attitude changes and with specific relevance to the practice of barbering and cosmetology including sanitary requirements. The course shall be a minimum of (2) hours of instruction.

    146(3) Courses may be presented as live presentation courses, home study courses, or video courses. All home study courses shall include a written post course examination which must be graded by the provider. Post-course examinations may be open-book examinations. Persons taking the course must achieve a 75% passing score on all post-course examinations in order to receive continuing education credit.

    206(4) Licensees holding two or more licenses subject to the HIV/AIDS education course requirement shall present all license numbers to the provider of such course. Providers shall submit all license numbers for attendees taking the HIV/AIDS education course.

    244(5) Licensees shall have until the expiration of the current licensure cycle to resolve disputes with the provider regarding his or her continuing education completion status and provide proof of courses taken to the Board or Department.

    281Rulemaking Authority 283455.2228, 284476.064(4) FS. 286Law Implemented 288455.2228, 289455.2179 FS. 291History–New 5-10-01, Amended 6-5-12, 3-31-13, 7-9-19, 6-3-20.