61G3-21.009. Citations  

Effective on Thursday, July 30, 2020
  • 1(1) A citation and fine shall be issued for a violation of any of the provisions in this paragraph, except when a notice of non-compliance can be issued first, pursuant to Rule 3361G3-21.012, 34F.A.C.

    35(a) Practicing barbering with a license that has been delinquent or inactive for no more than 3 months in violation of Sections 57476.194(1)(a), 58476.204(1)(a), 59and 60455.271(1), F.S.62: fine of $200.00;

    66(b) Failure to post inspection report in violation of subsection 7661G3-19.015(1), 77F.A.C.: fine of $50.00;

    81(c) Failure to properly display barber’s license in violation of subsection 9261G3-19.009(1), 93F.A.C.: fine of $50.00;

    97(d) Failure to properly display barbershop’s license in violation of subsection 10861G3-19.009(2), 109F.A.C.: fine of $50.00;

    113(e) Failure to post the barbershop requirements listed in Rule 12361G3-19.011, 124F.A.C., in violation of Rule 12961G3-19.012, 130F.A.C.: fine of $50.00;

    134(f) Failure to transfer ownership of barbershop license for not more than 3 months, in violation of Rule 15261G3-19.013, 153F.A.C.: fine of $200.00;

    157(g) Failure to maintain a portable fire extinguisher, in violation of paragraph 16961G3-19.011(2)(c), 170F.A.C., provided the inspection is not more than 60 days overdue: fine of $100.00; and

    185(h) Failure to immediately deposit towels in the proper receptacle, in violation of subsection 19961G3-19.011(13), 200F.A.C.: fine of $50.00.

    204(2) A citation and fine shall be issued for a first violation of any of the statutes and rules listed in this paragraph.

    227(a) Holding oneself out as a barber while not licensed, in violation of Section 241476.194(1)(a), F.S., 243shall result in a fine of $250;

    250(b) Permitting an unlicensed employee to practice barbering for a period of less than six months, in violation of Section 270476.194(1)(d)2., F.S., 272shall result in a fine of $250; for a period of six months to 1 year, a fine of $400 shall be imposed;

    295(c) Operating a barbershop with a license that has been expired for up to one year, in violation of Section 476.194(1)(d)1., F.S., shall result in a fine of $50 per month to a maximum fine of $500 per count or separate offense;

    337(d) Relocating a barbershop in violation of Sections 345476.184(7) 346and 347476.194(1)(d)1., F.S.349: fine of $200.00;

    353(e) Performing barber services outside a licensed shop in violation of Rule 36561G3-19.010, 366F.A.C.: fine of $200.00; and

    371(f) A citation shall be issued for violation of any of the following safety, code, and structural provisions: paragraphs 39061G3-19.011(2)(a)-391(b), (6), and (15)-(22)(a)-(f), F.A.C.: The fine for violation of any one of these provisions shall be $50.00.

    409(3) A citation shall not be issued if more than three of the violations listed in (1) and (2) occur during the same inspection.

    433(4) At least three years must pass between the issuance of citations for violations of the same provision.

    451Rulemaking Authority 453455.224(1), 454(2), 455476.064(4) FS. 457Law Implemented 459455.224 FS. 461History–New 1-19-92, Amended 3-22-92, 2-18-93, Formerly 21C-21.009, Amended 6-16-94, 9-22-94, 8-21-95, 2-14-96, 11-6-97, 5-13-01, 9-20-05, 12-2-09, 2-26-15, 2-4-19, 7-30-20.