61G3-25.005. Delinquent Status  

Effective on Tuesday, July 9, 2019
  • 1(1) The delinquent status licensee must affirmatively apply for active or inactive status during the licensure cycle in which the licensee becomes delinquent. The failure by the delinquent status licensee to cause the license to become active or inactive before the expiration of the licensure cycle in which the license became delinquent shall render the license null and void without further action by either the Board or Department.

    69(2) The delinquent status licensee who applies for active or inactive status shall:

    82(a) file with the Department a completed application for either active or inactive status;

    96(b) Complete the required HIV/AIDS education course if applying for active status; and

    109(c) pay to the Board either the active status or inactive status fee, the delinquency fee, and, if the request to change licensure status is made at any time other than at the beginning of a licensure cycle, pays the additional processing fee.

    152Rulemaking Authority 154476.064(4), 155455.271 FS. 157Law Implemented 159455.271 FS. 161History–New 5-17-95, Amended 12-15-13, 7-9-19.