61G4-12.0021. Board Agenda Materials  

Effective on Sunday, November 4, 2018
  • 1Applications will be forwarded to the Board office for placement on an electronic agenda for distribution to the Board members after the application is deemed complete in accordance with section 31120.60, F.S. 33Materials amending a completed application or other proposed agenda materials submitted less than 21 days prior to a Board Meeting will not be included and will not be distributed to board members except as outlined below. The Board delegates authority to the Board Chair in consultation with Board Counsel to determine when an exception is warranted in order to comply with legal requirements, including fairness to all parties or to the public. The Chairperson presiding over each board meeting session will determine whether or not to accept materials offered during the respective session.

    126Rulemaking Authority 128455.213, 129455.225 FS. 131Law Implemented 133120.525, 134120.57(2), 135120.60 FS. 137History–New 11-4-18.


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