61G4-12.017. Reinstatement and Relicensure  

Effective on Monday, November 20, 2006
  • 1(1) The Board may deny certification or registration to a contractor who has violated any of the provisions of Section 21489.129(1), F.S.

    23(2) The Board will not reinstate the certification or registration, nor issue a new certificate or registration, of a contractor whose license has been suspended unless proof is shown that all requirements (including fines) imposed in any final order against the contractor have been met.

    68(3)(a) The Board will not relicense a contractor whose certification or registration has been revoked 83or voluntarily relinquished 86until appropriate rehabilitation (to include restitution if suitable) has been shown. All provisions of any final orders entered against the contractor must be complied with.

    111(b) The Board will not relicense a contractor whose certification has been revoked 124or voluntarily relinquished 127unless he passes the current licensing examination and meets all other requirements for certification.

    141(c) The Board will not accept for registration the license of an individual whose license 156has 157previously 158been 159revoked 160or voluntarily relinquished, 163unless the jurisdiction requesting registration requires the individual to meet all current requirements to demonstrate competency, including examination, if required of other new registrants.

    187(d) Any person 190whose license has previouly been revoked or voluntarily 198relinquishe199d 200for any reason must appear before the Board and gain approval prior to being allowed to seek recertification through the examination, or registration in a jurisdiction.

    226(4) Any licensee who answers “yes” to any question contained in the Financial Responsibility section of the Application for Change of Status that is construction related must supply a complete explanation of the response, and include a statement detailing the steps taken by the licensee to prevent a recurrence of the circumstances leading to the conviction, discipline, judgment, bankruptcy, or other event leading to the response.

    292Specific Authority 294489.108 FS. 296Law Implemented 298489.111, 299489.113, 300489.115, 301489.117, 302489.129 FS. 304History–New 3058-12-84, 306Formerly 21E-12.17, Amended 3095-29-88, 3108-8-88, 31112-21-92, 3123-24-93, 313Formerly 21E-12.017, Amended 31611-4-93, 31711-20-06318.


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