61G4-12.019. Exemption from Renewal Requirements for Spouses of Members of the Armed Forces of the United States  

Effective on Sunday, July 1, 2001
  • 1Spouses of members of the Armed Forces of the United States are exempt from licensure renewal provisions, but only in cases of absence from the state because of their spouses’ duties with the Armed Forces. Copies of the military orders requiring the change in duty station must be sent to the Board office in order to qualify for the exemption. Upon receipt of the military orders by the Board office confirming exemption eligibility, the spouse’s license will be placed on inactive status with no fee required. Reactivation of the inactive license will not require payment of the fee set forth in subsection 10361G4-12.009(6), 104F.A.C. The license will remain in inactive status for up to two renewal cycles at which time the licensee must either renew this exemption, before expiration, by submitting a current set of orders establishing eligibility for the exemption or reactivate the license. The licensee may reactivate the license by submitting an application for change of status from inactive to active and will not be required to pay the fee set forth in paragraph 17761G4-12.009(12)(a), 178F.A.C., nor be required to comply with any rules setting conditions for reactivation of licensure, including continuing education requirements imposed by Section 200455.271(10), F.S. 202If a license is not reactivated nor the exemption renewed by the expiration date, the license shall become delinquent. Reactivation of the delinquent license will not require payment of the fee set forth in paragraph 23761G4-12.009(11)(b), 238F.A.C.

    239Specific Authority 241455.02(2) FS. 243Law Implemented 245455.02(2) FS. 247History–New 7-1-01.


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