61G4-14.004. Unexcused Absences  

Effective on Thursday, November 13, 1997
  • 1Unexcused absences shall include any absence other than: one caused by illness of a member preventing attendance; death or illness of a family member preventing attendance; unavoidable travel delays or cancellations preventing attendance; or any conflict, extraordinary circumstances or event approved by the chairperson of the board. A board member shall be considered absent from a meeting unless the member attends both the final action and general session portions of the meeting. Members shall communicate the reason for any absence to the Executive Director and Chairperson 48 hours prior to the meeting unless circumstances dictate otherwise and the reason for the absence shall be made part of the minutes of that meeting.

    113Specific Authority 115455.207, 116489.108 FS. 118Law Implemented 120455.207 FS. 122History–New 7-19-95, Amended 11-13-97.


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