61G4-15. Certification And Registration  

61G4-15.001. Qualification for Certification
61G4-15.002. Statement of Authority
61G4-15.003. Public Liability Insurance
61G4-15.004. Certification by Endorsement: Examination Equivalency
61G4-15.005. Requirements for Certification and Registration (Repealed)
61G4-15.006. Financial Responsibility and Financial Stability, Grounds for Denial
61G4-15.007. Notification of Changes
61G4-15.008. False Statements (Repealed)
61G4-15.009. Replacement of Qualifying Persons
61G4-15.010. Requirements for Applicant Seeking Administration of Oral Examination (Repealed)
61G4-15.012. Certification of Residential Solar Water Heating Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.014. Violation of Final Orders (Repealed)
61G4-15.015. Certification of Specialty Structure Contractors
61G4-15.017. Certification of Gypsum Drywall Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.018. Certification of Glass and Glazing Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.021. Certification of Solar Contractors
61G4-15.0021. Business Organizations
61G4-15.0022. Qualification of Joint Ventures
61G4-15.0024. Supervision of Business Entities
61G4-15.026. Certification of Gas Line Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.027. Pollutant Storage System Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.028. Precision Tank Testers
61G4-15.029. Tank Lining Applicators
61G4-15.030. Certification of Registered Contractors
61G4-15.031. Medical Gas Certification
61G4-15.032. Certification of Swimming Pool Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.033. Certification of Marine Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.034. Certification of Tower Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.035. Certification of Irrigation Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.038. Certification of Building Demolition Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.039. Certification of Industrial Facility Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.040. Certification of Residential Pool/Spa Servicing Specialty Contractors
61G4-15.0055. Job Scopes for Registered Licensure Categories (Repealed)