61G4-15.001. Qualification for Certification  

Effective on Monday, September 30, 2019
  • 1(1)(a) An applicant for certification must, as a precondition thereto, submit proof that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements set forth in section 24489.111(2)(c), F.S., 26for the particular category in which the applicant seeks to qualify. 37The Board will accept lawfully acquired experience gained under the supervision of a contractor, who, at the time was properly licensed in the category or category which encompasses the scope of practice in which the applicant is seeking licensure.

    76(b) Such experience from outside jurisdictions will be accepted toward the category for which the applicant has applied so long as the experience complies with section 102489.105, F.S. 104However, experience acquired by providing services that would fall under an exemption pursuant to chapter 489, part 1, F.S., will not be accepted.

    127(2)(a) In the case of applicants for certification in the general or building contractor categories, the phrases “active experience” and “proven experience” as used in section 153489.111(2)(c)1., 1542., or 3., F.S., shall be defined to mean commercial construction experience involving construction, erection, alteration, or modification of buildings and structures with any use and occupancy classification except storage, utility, and miscellaneous structures of an accessory character including but not limited to agricultural buildings, aircraft hangers, barns, carports, garages, sheds, silos, tanks, towers, and any work exempted pursuant to section 215489.103, F.S. 217Commercial experience must be in four or more of the following areas:

    2291. Foundations or Slabs in excess of twenty thousand (20,000) square feet.

    2422. Masonry walls.

    2453. Steel erection.

    2484. Elevated slabs.

    2515. Column erection.

    2546. Formwork for structural reinforced concrete.

    260(b) An applicant (other than those contractors designated in sections 270489.111(2)(c)4.b. 271and c., F.S.) for certification in the general contractor classification must submit proof that he possesses at least one year of “active experience” or “proven experience” as defined above in the construction of structures not less than four stories in height.

    312(3) In the case of applicants for certification in the residential contractor category, the phrases “active experience” and “proven experience” as used in section 336489.111(2)(c)1., 3372., or 3., F.S., shall be defined to mean construction experience involving construction, alteration, enlargement, or repair of detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses not more than three stories above grade plane in height with a separate means of egress. Experience must be 381in three or more of the following areas:

    389(a) Foundation/Slabs/Structural Formwork.

    392(b) Masonry walls.

    395(c) Structural Demolition.

    398(d) Structural wood framing (including trusses and excluding platform framing).

    408(e) Column erection.

    411(4) In the case of applicants for certification under the standard set forth in section 426489.111(2)(c)1., F.S., 428the baccalaureate degrees in building construction, architecture, or engineering which are considered to be appropriate to the particular classification for which certification is sought shall be as follows:

    456(a) General, Building, and Residential Classifications: Civil Engineering; Building Construction; or Architecture.

    468(b) Sheet Metal; Class A and B Air Conditioning; Residential Solar Water Heating; Mechanical Classifications: Mechanical Engineering.

    485(c) Plumbing Classification: Mechanical Engineering or Sanitary Engineering.

    493(d) Commercial, Residential, and Servicing Pool Classifications: Building Construction or Civil Engineering.

    505(e) Underground Utility Classification: Building Construction; Civil or Mechanical Engineering.

    515(5) As an alternative to the experience required under sections 525489.111(2)(c)1.-3., F.S., 527an applicant for certification as a swimming pool/spa servicing contractor must submit proof that the applicant meets the requirements of section 548489.111(2)(c)6.d., F.S., 550by demonstrating one year of proven experience related to the scope of work of a swimming pool/spa servicing contractor as defined in section 573489.105(3)(l), F.S., 575performed under the supervision of a certified or registered commercial pool/spa, residential pool/spa, or pool/spa servicing contractor, and demonstrating satisfactory completion of a sixty-hour course of instruction, approved by the Board pursuant to rule 60961G4-18.004, 610F.A.C., and conducted by a course provider registered pursuant to rule 62161G4-18.003, 622F.A.C., that consists of the following:

    628(a) One (1) hour each of instruction covering workers’ compensation insurance, workplace safety, contracting business practices, and the pool safety equipment provisions of chapter 515, F.S., and the Florida Building Code;

    659(b) Sixteen (16) hours of instruction consisting of the Certified Pool Operator Course of the National Swimming Pool Foundation or a substantially equivalent course. Training courses approved by the Department of Health pursuant to rule 69464E-9.018, 695F.A.C., shall be deemed substantially equivalent courses; and

    703(c) Forty (40) hours of instruction utilizing an up to date publication from any National recognized swimming pool association, or substantially equivalent materials, and including instruction on the following topics: Structures – Pool Structures & Finishes; Spa & Hot Tub Structures, Finishes & Equipment Packs; Circulation System – Circulation & Piping; Hydraulics – Pumps, Pump Motors & Air Blowers, Filters, Heaters, Chemical Feeders & Generators; Chemistry – Chemical Safety, Water Testing & Water Treatment; Water Treatment – Chlorine; Water Treatment – Other; Water Balance; Electrical System – Basic Electricity, Safety Requirements & Pool/Spa Electrical Equipment, Lighting, Controls, Controllers & Control Systems; Maintenance – Routine Maintenance, Season & Special Care, Covers; and Dewatering.

    815Rulemaking Authority 817489.108 FS. 819Law Implemented 821489.111 FS. 823History–New 1-6-80, Amended 12-16-80, 6-30-82, 4-11-83, Formerly 21E-15.01, Amended 12-11-90, 8-21-91, 4-16-92, Formerly 21E-15.001, Amended 7-18-94, 12-16-01, 2-6-03, 6-23-04, 1-15-07, 6-19-07,  11-26-08, 4-22-12, 1-5-17, 9-30-19.