61G4-15.0022. Qualification of Joint Ventures  

Effective on Sunday, December 13, 2009
  • 1(1) These rules do not prohibit a properly qualified business organization from participating in a joint venture with business organizations which are not qualified; however, only a properly qualified business organization may engage in contracting as defined in Sections 40489.105(3) 41and (6), F.S. A joint venture, including a joint venture composed of qualified business organizations, is itself a separate and distinct business organization which must be qualified as provided herein.

    71(2) A joint venture, one or more of whose participants are not licensed contractors under Chapter 489, Part I, F.S., may submit a bid on a construction project under the following circumstances:

    103(a) There must be a written joint venture agreement.

    112(b) One of the joint venturers must be a business entity properly qualified by a licensed contractor.

    129(c) Each participant must sign a statement of authority (as set out in Rule 14361G4-15.002, 144F.A.C.) giving the licensed contractor full authority to conduct the contracting business of the participant.

    159(d) Copies of the joint venture agreement and statements of authority must be received and approved by the Board Office prior to the time of the bid.

    186(e) If the joint venture is awarded the contract, the licensed contractor must qualify the joint venture within 204ninty 205(20692070) days.

    209(3) If the joint venture is a limited partnership, the qualifying business organization or individual must be a general partner of the joint venture.

    233Rulemaking 234Authority 235489.115, 236489.119, 237489.129(3) FS. 239Law Implemented 241489.105(3), 242(6), 243489.119, 244489.129(3) FS. 246History–New 5-7-84, Amended 8-12-84, Formerly 21E-15.022, 21E-15.0022, Amended 7-18-94, 25512-13-09.

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