61G4-15.007. Notification of Changes  

Effective on Thursday, November 13, 1997
  • 1(1) A certificate holder or registrant shall notify the Board Office within thirty (30) days of a change in name style or address from that which appears on the current certificate of registration and shall notify the Board Office within thirty (30) days after the qualifying person has ceased to be affiliated with the qualified business organization.

    58(2) A certificateholder or registrant must inform the Board, by mail, within forty-five calendar days, of changes in any information required to be stated on the application for qualification of a business organization.

    91(3) Failure to report the information required by this rule shall result in disciplinary action.

    106Specific Authority 108489.129(3) FS. 110Law Implemented 112489.119(2)(d), 113489.124(2), 114489.129(3) FS. 116History–New 1-6-80, Formerly 21E-15.07, Amended 4-16-92, Formerly 21E-15.007, Amended 7-18-94, 11-13-97.


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