61G4-15.009. Replacement of Qualifying Persons  

Effective on Monday, July 18, 1994
  • 1(1) A business organization which loses its qualifying person shall have sixty (60) days from the date the qualifier terminated his affiliation within which to obtain another qualifying person.

    30(2)(a) A business organization which has lost its only qualifying contractor may not engage in contracting until a new qualifier is approved, unless such business organization has obtained a temporary certificate or registration from the executive director or chair of the board.

    72(b) Where a business organization has qualifying contractors in more than one category, each category shall be considered separately for purposes of paragraph (a), and shall require a qualifying contractor for each category of work performed.

    108(c) The temporary certificate or registration allows the business organization to proceed on incomplete contracts during the 60 day period; it may not enter into any new contracts until a new qualifying contractor is approved by the board.

    146Specific Authority 148489.129(3) FS. 150Law Implemented 152489.119(3)(a) FS. 154History–New 1-6-80, Formerly 21E-15.09, 21E-15.009, Amended 7-18-94.


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