61G4-15.029. Tank Lining Applicators  

Effective on Thursday, July 7, 2005
  • 1(1) Scope of Rule: The purpose of this rule is to provide for the registration of tank lining applicators.

    20(2) Registration Procedures for Tank Lining Applicators:

    27(a) Qualifications:

    291. Any person who desires to become a registered tank lining applicator shall apply to the Board in writing on form DPR/CILB/031, supplied by the Department.

    552. A person shall be registered as a tank lining applicator if said person:

    69a. Is at least eighteen (18) years of age; and

    79b. Who meets the standards established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection pursuant to paragraph 9562-761.700(2)(c), 96F.A.C. (effective 11-99). The Florida Department of Environmental Protection shall certify to the Board that an applicant for registration as a tank lining applicator meets these standards before the applicant is registered.

    128(b) Other Registration procedures and fees: other registration procedures and fees for registered tank lining applicators shall be the same as those provided for the certification of other contractors as defined in Chapter 489, Part I, F.S., as set forth in Rules 17061G4-15.002, 17161G4-15.0021, 17261G4-15.0022, 17361G4-15.003, 17461G4-15.006, 17561G4-15.007, 17661G4-15.008, 17761G4-15.009, 178and 17961G4-15.010, 180F.A.C. The amount of liability insurance for tank lining applicators shall be as follows: $250,000.00 public liability insurance and $25,000.00 property damage insurance, both policies protecting insured for incidents of pollutant contamination resulting from contractor’s work. Applicants for registration shall submit competent substantial evidence to the Board demonstrating that the registrant has a net worth of $10,000.00.

    240Specific Authority 242489.108, 243489.113(3), 244(7), 245489.129(3), 246489.133, FS. 248Law Implemented 250489.113(3), 251(7), (8), 253489.115(4), 254489.133, 255455.213 FS. 257History–New 2-1-00, Amended 7-7-05.


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