61G4-15.030. Certification of Registered Contractors  

Effective on Wednesday, February 23, 2000
  • 1(1) Any registered contractor who wishes to become a certified contractor in the appropriate category pursuant to the “grandfathering” provisions of Section 23489.118, F.S., 25shall submit a completed “Application for Certification of Registered Contractors” (CILB Form # 032), as referenced in Rule 4361G4-12.006, 44F.A.C.

    45For the purposes of this section the following terms are defined as follows:

    58(a) A valid registered license is one in which the registered contractor’s certificate of competency is registered with the Board and a State Registration Number is issued.

    85(b) A substantially similar examination is one which is written and proctored and which covers content and reference materials appropriate for the licensure category for which it is administered. The determination of appropriate content will be made by comparing the content outline and reference list for the examination to that used for the current state certification examination for the same license category.

    147For Division I categories, the examination must include, at a minimum, a two hour business and financial management section and a six hour trade knowledge section.

    173For Division II categories, the examination must include, at a minimum, a two hour business and financial management section and a three hour trade knowledge section.

    199(c) Experience – Five years licensed and state registered; the experience need not be consecutive.

    214(d) Discipline, for purposes of Section 220489.118(4), F.S., 222is defined as action taken by any local enforcement body and action taken by the Board against the licensee.

    241(2) Building code administrators and inspectors who hold a registered construction license or licenses may also apply for certification under the “grandfathering” provisions of Section 266489.118, F.S. 268In order to be eligible such inspector or administrator must have five years experience as an inspector in the category sought, or, if an administrator, must have five years experience with oversight in the category sought, at the time of application. The five years of experience may be a combination of experience under the registered construction license and experience under the inspector or administrator license.

    333(3) If a registered contractor did not successfully pass a written, proctored examination in order to receive the registered license, he or she may be considered for certification under this rule if he or she successfully passes an examination substantially similar to the examination required for certified licensure such as those produced by the National Assessment Institute, Block and Associates, or NAI/Block prior to application.

    398Specific Authority 400489.108, 401489.118 FS. 403Law Implemented 405489.118 FS. 407History–New 2-23-00.


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