61G4-15.038. Certification of Building Demolition Specialty Contractors  

Effective on Monday, February 11, 2013
  • 1(1) 2The 3purpose 4of 5this 6rule 7is to 9provide 10for 11the 12voluntary 13certification 14of Building D17emolition 18specialty 19contractors.

    20(2) 21Definition. A 23building 24demolition 25specialty 26contractor 27is 28a 29contractor 30whose 31contracting 32business 33consists 34of 35the 36execution 37of 38contracts 39requiring 40the 41experience, 42financial 43means, 44knowledge, 45and 46skill 47to 48demolish, 49if 50not 51prohibited 52by 53law, 54steel 55tanks 5650 57feet 58or 59less 60in 61height; 62towers 6350 64feet 65or 66less 67in 68height; 69other 70structures 7150 72feet 73or 74less 75in 76height, 77other 78than 79buildings 80or 81residences 82over 83three 84stories 85tall; 86and 87buildings 88or 89residences 90three 91stories 92or 93less 94in 95height. 96Nothing 97in 98this 99rule 100shall 101be 102deemed 103to 104restrict 105or 106limit 107in 108any 109manner 110the 111scope 112of 113work 114authorized 115by 116law 117of 118other 119contractor 120classifications.

    121(3) 122Certification 123Procedures 124and 125Fees. Certification 127procedures 128and 129fees 130for 131Building 132Demolition 133Specialty 134Contractors 135shall 136be 137the 138same 139as 140those 141provided 142for 143the 144certification 145of 146other 147contractors 148as 149set 150forth 151in 152Sections 153489.109, 154489.111, 155489.113, 156489.114, 157489.115 158and 159489.116, 160F.S., 161and 162related 163rules.

    164Rulemaking Authority 166455.213, 167489.108, 168489.113(6) FS. 170Law Implemented 172489.113(6), 173489.115, 174489.116, 175489.117, 176489.118 FS. 178History–New 2-11-13.


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