61G4-15.039. Certification of Industrial Facility Specialty Contractors  

Effective on Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • 1(1) Scope of Rule. The purpose of this rule is to provide for certification of industrial facility specialty contractors as a limited subset of the general contractor.

    28(2) Definition. An industrial facility specialty contractor is a contractor who is qualified and certified by the board to perform any work involving the construction, repair, demolition, modification, and alteration of uninhabitable industrial structures housing manufactured industrial equipment being installed therein by the contractor of specialized equipment used to produce or move goods or materials including but not limited to energy production, gas production, chemical production, installation of fixed equipment, above ground storage tanks and related accessory piping; and construction of habitable or uninhabitable attached accessory use structures not exceeding 1,500 square feet used solely to house related operating and controlling equipment. An industrial facility specialty contractor shall be unlimited in his or her ability to enter contracts for the scopes of work described herein and who may perform such work permitted under this rule, except as otherwise expressly provided in section 171489.113, F.S.

    173(3) An industrial facility specialty contractor shall be required to subcontract all work above that falls within the scopes of work set forth in sections 198489.105(3)(b)-199(p) or 201489.505, F.S., 203or for fire protection systems under section 210633.318, F.S., 212to a licensee who holds a state certification or registration in the respective category of work.

    228(4) Nothing in this rule shall be deemed to restrict or limit in any manner the scope of work authorized by law of other contractor classifications.

    254Rulemaking Authority 256489.108, 257489.113(6) FS. 259Law Implemented 261489.105(3)(q), 262489.113(6) FS. 264History–New 8-17-14, Amended 3-5-19.