61G4-16.004. Oral Examinations  

Effective on Thursday, June 2, 1988
  • 1(1) The general areas of competency to be covered by the oral certification examinations, the relative weight to be assigned in grading each area tested, the passing score, and the reexamination procedures for all contracting categories for which Section 40489.113(10), F.S., 42allows an applicant to petition the Board to be administered an oral examination shall be the same as those specified in Rule 6461G4-16.001, 65F.A.C., for the written certification examinations for those categories. This includes all categories except General and Building Contractors.

    83(2) The oral certification examinations and the procedures used to administer them shall be the same as the written certification examinations and procedures for the contractor category except that:

    112(a) The Department shall provide an individual who will read the examination materials aloud to the applicant who is being administered an oral certification examination and

    138(b) The applicant shall be allowed twice as much time to complete the oral certification examination as that allowed for the completion of the written certification examination.

    165Specific Authority 167455.217(1) FS. 169Law Implemented 171455.217(1) FS. 173History–New 1-6-80, Formerly 21E-16.04, Amended 6-2-88, Formerly 21E-16.004.