61G4-16.007. Security and Monitoring Procedures for Certification Examination  

Effective on Tuesday, November 25, 1997
  • 1The following procedures are hereby established concerning the security and monitoring of the certification examination:

    16(1) The Board hereby adopts and approves the security and monitoring procedures for licensure examinations utilized by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation with the following additional provisions as set forth in subsection (2) of this rule. In case of conflict, the provisions of this rule shall prevail.

    65(2) Review of examination by Board members. Board members are authorized to review the certification examination given in the category which they represent.

    88Specific Authority 90455.217(1)(d) FS. 92Law Implemented 94455.217(1)(d) FS. 96History–New 10-14-81, Amended 7-31-83, Formerly 21E-16.07, Amended 4-16-92, Formerly 21E-16.007, Amended 9-3-96, 11-25-97.


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