61G4-17.003. Repeat Violations  

Effective on Tuesday, November 25, 1997
  • 1(1) As used in this rule, a repeat violation is any violation on which disciplinary action is being taken where the same licensee had previously had disciplinary action taken against him or received a letter of guidance in a prior case; and said definition is to apply regardless of whether the violations in the present and prior disciplinary actions are of the same or different subsections of the disciplinary statutes.

    71(2) The penalty given in the above list for repeat violations is intended to apply only to situations where the repeat violation is of a different subsection of Chapter 489, F.S., than the first violation. Where, on the other hand, the repeat violation is the very same type of violation as the first violation, the penalty set out above will generally be increased over what is otherwise shown for repeat violations in the above list.

    146Specific Authority 148455.2273, 149455.2275 FS. 151Law Implemented 153455.2273 FS. 155History–New 10-26-86, Formerly 21E-17.003, Amended 11-25-97.


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