61G4-17.007. Probation  

Effective on Tuesday, April 18, 1989
  • 1Probation may also be assessed in any case where, in the board’s opinion, it is advisable for the public welfare, in order to assure that the licensee operates properly and within the law in the future, to require the licensee to report to the Board periodically, or to otherwise serve a probationary period. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of probation shall be prima facie evidence of misconduct as defined by Section 75489.129, F.S.

    77Specific Authority 79455.2275, 80489.129 FS. 82Law Implemented 84489.129 FS. 86History–New 10-26-86, Amended 4-18-89, Formerly 21E-17.007.