61G4-18.002. Definitions  

Effective on Wednesday, May 28, 2008
  • 1When used in this rule, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

    14(1) “Board” means the Construction Industry Licensing Board.

    22(2) “Course” means any course, seminar or other program of instruction which has been approved by the board for the purpose of complying with continuing education requirements for contractors. “Course” also means any successfully completed core curriculum, construction or business related, course in an accredited two-year or four-year college program leading to a construction or business related degree.

    80(3) “Classroom Hour” means fifty minutes of instruction, exclusive of any breaks, recesses, or other time not spent in instruction.

    100(4) “Interactive Distance Learning Hour” means fifty minutes of instruction presented in an alternative nonclassroom interactive distance learning setting, exclusive of any breaks, recesses, or other time not spent in instruction.

    131(5) “Interactive Distance Learning” means the delivery of educational offerings or courses via the internet and/or other interactive electronic media. Such offerings or courses shall be interactive, providing for the interchange of information between the student, and teacher, and shall provide for the registration, evaluation, monitoring, and verification of continuing education.

    182(6) “Course Provider” or “Continuing Education Provider” means the person or legal entity who is registered pursuant to this rule and who is responsible for conducting a course approved pursuant to this rule. The course provider or continuing education provider is responsible for maintaining records regarding the name and license number of each person who attends a continuing education course and for reporting the attendance to the Department in the format and timeframe specified by the Department.

    259(7) “Person” means any natural person and does not include any corporation, partnership or other type of legal entity.

    278Specific Authority 280455.213(6), 281455.2177, 282455.2178, 283455.2179, 284489.108, 285489.115 FS. 287Law Implemented 289455.213(6), 290455.2177, 291455.2178, 292489.115 FS. 294History–New 12-2-93, Amended 5-17-99, 5-30-00, 3-25-01, 3005-28-08301.

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