61G4-18.005. Qualifications of Course Instructors  

Effective on Thursday, October 8, 2009
  • 1(1) All course instructors shall be qualified, by education or experience, to teach the course, or parts of a course, to which the instructor is assigned.

    27(2) Any person with a four year college degree or graduate degree is qualified to teach any course in their field of study 50provided they are currently active in their respective field59.

    60(3) Any active or inactive state certified or registered contractor, 70or standard licensed inspector, standard licensed plans examiner, or standard licensed building code administrator 84with at least five years experience may teach any technical course regarding construction within the scope of the102ir 103license. However, no 106individual 107whose license is suspended or revoked as a result of 117any licensing 119Board discipline shall teach or serve as a continuing education course instructor.

    131(4) The board may not reject a course based upon the proposed instructors, but may approve a course contingent on certification by the course provider that all instructors meet those minimum requirements before conducting that course, and before advertising that the course is approved for continuing education credit.

    179(5) A course provider may request approval by the board regarding the qualifications of a particular instructor for a particular course.

    200Rulemaking 201Authority 202489.108, 203489.115 FS. 205Law Implemented 207489.115 FS. 209Histor210y–New 12-2-93, Amended 11-25-97, 10-8-09.

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