61G4-18.007. Required Records Maintained by Course Providers  

Effective on Tuesday, March 15, 2005
  • 1Each course provider must maintain the following records with respect to each course:

    14(1) The time, date and place each course is completed.

    24(2) The name, address and qualifications of each instructor who teaches any portion of the course and whether each instructor has been approved by the board.

    50(3) The name, address and certificate or registration number of each person who registered for the course.

    67(4) The original sign-in sheet used at the site of the course to register persons who attend each course. The sign-in sheet shall require every person to print their name, list their contractor’s license number and sign their name.

    106(5) The course syllabus used for each course.

    114(6) For interactive distance learning courses, in lieu of the original sign-in sheet required in subsection (4), the course provider shall maintain and provide a record of the registration, login, course access log, including total time accumulated which demonstrates that course hours are consistent with the actual hours it takes to complete the course, and course completion date and time. In lieu of providing a document bearing the contractor’s signature, the course provider shall provide the student’s identity verification data, which shall include the student’s password and the student’s mother’s maiden name.

    206(7) Each person who successfully completes an approved course shall be issued a certificate of completion by the course provider. The certificate of completion shall contain the name and the certification or registration number of the person who completed the course, the course provider, the course name, the course number, the date(s) the course was offered, the total number of continuing education hours successfully completed in each subject covered by the course, and whether the course includes workers’ compensation, workplace safety or business practices.

    290(8) The course provider must electronically provide to the Department the list of attendees at each of its offered courses within thirty (30) calendar days of the completion of the course or prior to the licensee’s renewal date, whichever occurs sooner. This list shall include the provider’s name and provider number, the name and certification or registration number of the attendee, the date the course was completed, and the course number.

    361(9) All documents from the provider must be submitted electronically to the Department and must be in a form as agreed to by the Department and the provider. Failure to comply with the time and forms requirements will result in disciplinary action taken against the provider and affect the course approval.

    412(10) Each continuing education provider must maintain its attendance records for at least four (4) years after the completion of each course. Upon request, these records must be made available for inspection by the Department or its agent at a reasonable time and location. Each course provider shall provide the Department with copies of any of these required records, upon request by the Department.

    476(11) The Department shall initiate disciplinary action against a continuing education provider either by request of the Board or on its own motion for failure to comply with its duties under this section.

    509Specific Authority 511455.2123, 512455.213(6), 513455.2177, 514455.2178, 515489.108, 516489.115(4)(b) FS. 518Law Implemented 520455.2123, 521455.213(6), 522455.2177, 523455.2178, 524489.115(4)(b) FS. 526History–New 12-2-93, Amended 7-2-95, 11-25-97, 4-15-99, 5-30-00, 3-25-01, 7-26-04, 3-15-05.


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