61G4-18.009. Certifications of Completion  

Effective on Sunday, March 25, 2001
  • 1(1)(a) It is the certificateholder’s or registrant’s responsibility to maintain proof of completion of continuing education courses for three years.

    21(b) Proof of completion may be substantiated by an affidavit of the course provider, a certificate of completion issued by the course provider, or a certified copy of a school transcript. If none is available an affidavit of two other persons who attended the course, accompanied by certificates of completion for each, will be accepted.

    76(2) Falsifying or fraudulently representing completion of required continuing education courses in order to renew a certificate or registration, or failing or refusing to provide proof of completion of such courses, shall be a violation of Section 113489.129(1)(a), F.S., 115punishable by penalties up to and including revocation of the certificate or registration.

    128Specific Authority 130455.213(6), 131489.108, 132489.115 FS. 134Law Implemented 136489.115, 137489.129(1)(a), 138(8) FS. History–New 12-2-93, Amended 1-18-95, 4-15-99, 3-25-01.


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