61G4-19.001. Citations

Effective on Tuesday, April 24, 2001
  • 1The following violations of Section 6489.129(1), F.S., 8may be resolved by the issuance of a citation pursuant to Section 20455.224, F.S., 22and Title 61G4, F.A.C. Where a provision other than s. 32489.129(1), F.S., 34is cited as the basis for a violation, the violation is of Section489.129(1)(j), F.S., by violating the referenced statute, rule, or board order.

    57(1) Section 59489.129(1)(o)60:

    61$100.00 fine

    63Failure to timely obtain permit.




    68(2) Section 70489.129(1)(o)71:

    72$100.00 fine

    74Failure to obtain required inspections.




    79(3) Section 81489.11982:

    83$100.00 fine

    85Failure to include license number when


    91submitting an advertisement for


    95publication, broadcast, or printing.




    99(4) Sections 101489.119, 102489.129(1)(f)103:

    104$100.00 fine

    106Acting in name other than that appearing


    113on license.




    115(5) Section 117489.114, 118Rule 11961G4-15.003120:

    121$100.00 fine

    123Failure to maintain proof of current


    129workers compensation or public liability






    135(6) Rule 13761G4-15.007138:

    139$100.00 fine

    141Failure to inform CILB of change of name


    149style, address, or that licensee has ceased


    156qualifying a business.




    159(7) Section 161489.129(1)(i), 162Rule 16361G4-17.007164:

    165$200.00 fine

    167Failure to make proper probation






    173(8)(a) Section 175489.117(1)(b)176:

    177$100.00 fine

    179Contracting outside geographical scope of


    184license with no consumer harm; where


    190activity in adjacent jurisdiction to one


    196where contractor is properly licensed,


    201violation is not willful.




    205(b) Section 207489.117(1)(b)208:

    209$500.00 fine

    211Contracting outside geographical scope of


    216license with no consumer harm under


    222circumstances other than paragraph (9)(a),






    228(9) Section 230489.116(1)231:

    232$250.00 fine, in addition to all applicable

    239Contracting on an inactive or delinquent


    246license, where the license is renewed or


    253reactivated within thirty (30) days of the


    260issuance of a citation.




    264(10) Section 266489.129(1)(d)267:

    268$500.00 fine

    270Assisting unlicensed person or entity, with


    276no consumer harm.




    279(11) Section 281489.105(3)282:

    283$250.00 fine

    285Contracting outside authorized scope of


    290work, with no consumer harm, safety


    296hazard, or threat to public safety.




    302(12) Sections 304489.115(1), 305489.117(1)(a)306:

    307$100.00 fine

    309Failure to register local license with CILB


    316prior to contracting.




    319(13) Section 321489.124322:

    323$100.00 fine

    325Failure to keep business and financial


    331records as required.




    334(14) Sections 336489.129(1)(c), 337455.227(1)(r)338:

    339$1000.00 fine

    341Improperly interfering with an


    345investigation or disciplinary action.




    349(15) Section 351489.129(1)(a)352:

    353$500.00 fine

    355Obtaining a certificate or registration by


    361fraud or misrepresentation which includes


    366renewal thereof.



    368In addition to the penalties specified above, the department may recover the costs of investigation associated with the citation. Citations shall be issued pursuant to this rule where no harm to consumers results from the violation. A licensee who has been issued three citations for the same offense shall be prosecuted pursuant to Section 422455.225, F.S., 424for any subsequent violations. The disposition of reported violations prosecuted pursuant to Section 437455.225, F.S., 439shall be according to Rule Chapter 61G4-12, F.A.C., and/or Rule Chapter 61G4-17, F.A.C. To the extent that any of these violations are appropriate for resolution by the issuance of a notice of noncompliance pursuant to Section 475455.225(3), F.S., 477and Rule 47961G4-23.001, 480F.A.C., the initial offense of a minor violation will be dealt with accordingly. Where a licensee fails to commence corrective action with 15 days of the Department’s issuance of a notice of noncompliance or where the offense is other than the initial one, the Department may issue a citation pursuant to this rule.

    533Specific Authority 535455.224, 536489.105 FS. 538Law Implemented 540455.224, 541455.225(3) FS. 543History–New 1-19-92, Amended 12-21-92, Formerly 21E-19.001, Amended 10-12-94, 3-26-95, 6-5-95, 8-10-95, 1-1-96, 2-26-96, 11-25-97, 4-27-99, 4-24-01.


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