61G4-21.005. Payment of Claims  

Effective on Monday, May 11, 2009
  • 1(1) If the Board authorizes payment of any claim in full or in part, then it shall forward the final agency action with respect to the claim to the Secretary of the Department for payment.

    36(2) Procedures for disbursements of funds shall not commence until 463475 days after the filing of the Final Order of the Board approving payment of any claim from the recovery fund.

    68(3) No claimant eligible for, or currently receiving, restitution under a civil or criminal restitution order or other repayment plan shall be eligible to recover from the Fund until two or more payments have been missed. Prior to receiving any payments, such a claimant shall provide the Board with a written 119statement indicating any 122amount received to date under such an order 130or plan, 132the date and amount of the last payment, and how much is still due and owing under such an order 152or plan154.

    155Rulemaking 156Authority 157489.108 FS. 159Law Implemented 161489.141, 162489.143 FS. 164History–New 7-11-95, A167mended 4-27-99, 6-19-03, 7-7-05, 5-11-09.

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