61G4-22.001. Mediation

Effective on Monday, August 10, 2009
  • 1The following alleged violations may be resolved by mediation using the procedure adopted by the department pursuant to Section 20455.2235, F.S.22:

    23(1) Section 25489.129(1)26(27g28), F.S., Committing misconduct or mismanagement in the practice of contracting that causes financial harm to a customer.

    46(2) Sections 48489.129(1)49(50i51), 52489.1195, F.S., 54Failing in any material respect to comply with the provisions of Chapter 489, Part I, F.S., by failing to properly supervise the 76activities of a construction business qualified by the contractor.

    85(3) Section 87489.129(1)88(89j90), F.S., Abandoning a construction project.

    96(4) Section 98489.129(1)99(100l101), F.S., Committing fraud or deceit in the practice of contracting.

    112(5) Section 114489.129(1)115(116m117), F.S., Committing incompetency or misconduct in the practice of contracting.

    128(6) Section 130489.129(1)(n), F.S., 132Committing gross negligence, repeated negligence, or negligence resulting in a significant danger to life or property in the practice of contracting.

    153(7) Section 155489.129(1)(q), F.S., 157F158ailing to satisfy within a reasonable time the terms of a civil judgment.

    171Specific Authority 173489.108, 174455.2235 FS. 176Law Implemented 417955.2235 FS. History–New 6-27-95, Amended 8-10-09.

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