61G5-18.004. Re-examination  

Effective on Monday, July 8, 2019
  • 1(1) Any applicant who fails the examination shall be entitled to re-examination pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in this rule. Those applicants not achieving a passing grade on each part will have failed that part of the examination and shall be required to retake and pass only that part failed in order to be licensed as a cosmetologist, provided however that the applicant must pass both parts of the examination within a two-year period. If any applicant fails to achieve a passing grade on all parts within the 2 years as provided in this rule, the applicant shall be required to retake and successfully complete the full examination. In rounding percentages, any percentage which is point five (.5) or above shall be rounded up to the next whole number. Percentages less than point five (.5) shall be rounded down to the next whole number.

    148(2) Any person desiring to be reexamined for licensure as a cosmetologist shall apply to the Department in writing upon forms prepared and furnished by the department and shall pay a reexamination fee as required by rule 18561G5-24.006, 186F.A.C.

    187(3) Those applicants who qualified to take the examination after completion of only 1,000 hours of training pursuant to section 208477.019(1)(b), F.S., 210and failed, shall be entitled to reexamination only upon completion of the full requirements provided for in section 228477.019, F.S.

    230Rulemaking Authority 232455.217(2), 233477.016 FS. 235Law Implemented 237455.217(2), 238477.022 FS. 240History–New 11-3-80, Amended 8-10-83, 6-28-84, Formerly 21F-18.04, Amended 6-18-86, Formerly 21F-18.004, Amended 8-20-96, 7-8-19.