61G5-22.002. Definitions  

Effective on Tuesday, October 29, 1985
  • 1(1) Level of Acceptability – Minimum passing grade. The level of acceptability for each of the cosmetology/specialty subjects, theoretical and practical, shall be a minimum score of seventy-five percent (75%) or better on an examination on each of the objectives for each subject area.

    45(2) Learning Objective. Statements of the basic subject matter content arranged in an effective learning sequence – what the classroom teacher or manager will do in the learning/teaching situation.

    74(3) Performance Objective. A statement of exactly what the learner must do in observable and measurable terms. A terminal objective – the final action or performance of the individual or group.

    105(4) A minimum student performance standard is a statement specifying competencies that all students are expected to attain at a particular point in time. Mastery of a standard will be demonstrated by the mastery of a predetermined number of skills related to the standard.

    149(5) Services. Minimal number of performances in applicable subject categories required for certification for examination.

    164Rulemaking Authority 166477.016 FS. 168Law Implemented 170477.025(2) FS. 172History–New 11-2-80, Amended 10-29-85, Formerly 21F-22.02, 21F-22.002.