61G5-22.005. Sanitation and Disinfection  

Effective on Thursday, November 28, 2013
  • 1(1) Objective: To use chemical agents to disinfect implements and equipment in the salon and promote and protect good health in the community.

    24(2) Learning Objectives:

    27(a) To define terms and to describe and clarify bacteria in relationships to the spread of disease;

    44(b) To describe four (4) methods of sanitation;

    52(c) To describe the various agents used to prevent the spread of disease; and

    66(d) To describe measures used to disinfect service areas.

    75(3) Performance Objectives:

    78(a) To effectively disinfect the cosmetologist’s implements to prevent the spread of desease; and

    92(b) To disinfect necessary equipment in the salon to prevent the spread of disease.

    106Rulemaking Authority 108477.016, 109477.025(2) FS. 111Law Implemented 113477.025(2) FS. 115History–New 11-2-80, Formerly 21F-22.05, 21F-22.005, Amended 11-28-13.


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